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Brands inform. They tell the tale of the herder searing a glowing hot branding iron into a screaming calf, referred to in ancient Latin as "animus revertendi" or the intention of return to the herd by way of this burned-in identity. In the simplest way brands speak through shape and color, or typeface and the way an image makes us feel, like a logo, and it's placement. And in the most complicated sense, it's a voice and a language about, or an image of something that contains deep meaning to a certain audience. That's where we excel.

In the past our young agency's leaders have created campaigns for some of the world's most recognizable brands, and in one case propelling them from unknown  to globally recognized within days. Now, operating in the crowded environment of social media and digital marketing we embrace the fact the brand still reigns as the most powerful touchy feely point for any audience regardless of size. 

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